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To Our Readers

It's a long-awaited day in Window Rock, Arizona, site of the launching of the new revised Navajo Bible on June 20, 2000.


I must tell you how much I enjoyed "Hospital chaplain's prayer".
items of interest

items of interest

"Recently, a woman asked me, 'What was the a-ha! lightbulb moment in your life?

Enjoy the Bible

Sometimes life runs along pretty smoothly. Other times there's nothing but trouble. But the Bible shows how to stay happy under all circumstances.

Mortality or life?

With death, the idea that you have any kind of choice sounds absurd—until you put God into the picture.

One God

When we're put to the test, honoring and trusting the one God give us strength.

On bended knees

I bend my knees todayIn awesome gratitude.

Will the world end?

As the year 2001 approaches, so does a new round of concern about Armageddon. Here are some ideas to help you start "ending the end of the world."

Flower power

When she saw toppled daffodils bounce back up in the sun, the author realized how she could solve her own problems at work and with her health.

Beauty in a concentration camp

An interview with Charles Herscovici During World War II, Charles Herscovici tells how he relied on the power of prayer.
Take a look at how three different kids heard God talking to them.
Almost 3,000 years after Samuel, a little girl named Mary, who lived in the United States, listened to God just like Samuel.
Testimony of Healing

I remembered something my mother had said to me years before.

Testimony of Healing

Prayer brings healing of cut

I didn't want to depend on a material remedy instead of depending on God.

Testimony of Healing

Healed when alone on a trail

A huge jade-like rock reminded me of the strength of God.

Testimony of Healing

Headaches conquered

Soon after I returned to the table, I knew healing was going on.

The Sentinel is in a very real way a "distribution center" for healing ideas.

I'm ready, God, Use me

Before long I was given the responsibility for reorganizing my entire division.


Fully one's self

Nothing can take away from us the fullness and beauty of who we truly are.

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