Prayer heals back pain

While visiting my sister-in-law's farm in the summer of 1998, I was helping to clean up a garbage dump next to her property. I injured my back when, after picking up several modest-size objects, I attempted to move an old truck tire that proved to be stuck in the ground far more firmly than it appeared. Because of the pain in my lower back, I was unable to continue working. indeed, it was difficult even to walk to the house and change clothes. When I arrived in the house, I settled myself as comfortably as I could, called a Christian Science practitioner for treatment, and also began to pray for myself.

In my prayer, I attempted to gain a spiritual understanding both of myself and of the activity I had recently undertaken. I prayed to understand that my back is not a material structure, but is an expression of God's spiritual creation. I also prayed to understand how God's world was clean, not so impossibly polluted that it could injure me as I attempted to pick up garbage.

Testimony of Healing
Asthma healed
January 24, 2000

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