Long day?

Take it moment by moment, with God.

Have you ever looked at your fully-packed agenda and dreaded the long day ahead? I used to do that often. Then, even before getting off to the first destination, I felt tired, and I worried whether I'd have the energy to do it all without feeling worn out or even ill. This outlook was most vivid at a time when I generally felt that I had a limited amount of energy and health with which to get through any day's commitments.

The simplest realization dawned on me and has sustained me ever since, even through unusually long days crammed with a full-time job, frequent late meetings, and numerous other obligations. It was this: every day is exactly the same length. As I said, simple. Yet I really did cease feeling burdened by full schedules once I realized that I had the same number of moments in each day, and that it didn't matter where I happened to be or what I needed to do. What did matter was how I filled those moments. I was on top of everything when I was conscious of God's presence and absolute control over every event of my day. Traveling, going from commitment to commitment, having little time for quiet study, having days that sometimes stretched into the next day—it was only my feeling about these activities that was telling me it was a long day.

Rid of the rage
August 30, 1999

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