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To Our Readers

Have you ever known someone who was genuinely kind to others, always willing to lend a hand, always looking for ways to lift others up when they were down?


I just wanted to thank you for the "Your Decisions" page.
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items of interest
Interest in religion —Eastern and Western—is mushrooming at colleges around the United States.
Do you love yourself? Really love yourself? It isn't really about treating yourself to an extra helping of dessert or sleeping late on Saturdays. It means reminding yourself on a regular basis just how wonderful you are in God's eyes. What a difference that makes in your day!

Long day?

Too many things to do and too few hours to sleep? It doesn't have to be a recipe for disaster. You can accomplish all that needs to be done and still feel refreshed.

Rid of the rage

They were furious with each other, and it was the author's job to settle the dispute. Read how she moved past rage to a resolution.
There's not much you can do these days without a password, whether it's used to gain access to an automated bank teller, a voice-mail system, or e-mail.

Ready, safe, go!

When driving, if the thought occurs to you to pray, do so without delay. It's the best contribution you can make to safe travel.

Fear not, little flop

Seeing fear for what it is—a lie—helps dispel its hold over you.
Life isn't a software program, and God isn't a computer programmer. But listening humbly for His guidance helps solve technological difficulties, including the Y2K bug.
Back to school—safeand sound
your decisions
Little did the author know what an effect his friend's example was having on him as he struggled to give up marijuana and other drugs.
Testimony of Healing

The fear was alleviated, and within a few more days the healing was complete.

Testimony of Healing

The best part has been that I think more about my activity and less about my body.

Testimony of Healing

The skin cleared up very quickly after that, and has remained clear.

Testimony of Healing

Burned hand quickly healed

Within a short time I was completely free of pain.


Empty nest?

Each has his own niche to fill.



I am learning more and more every day about living without fear.


Q Are Christian Scientists allowed to go to a doctor?
If you're seeking healing, public practitioners of Christian Science are ready to assist you.

Self-government works only to the extent that it adheres to the divine will and government.

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