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"Be qui-wet!!! ... and that's good enough"

THAT'S what my three-year-old daughter yelled out the door to our very bouncy, friendly dog. Our dog loved to be exactly where we were at all times. When he couldn't be with us, we kept him right outside the big glass door so he could still see us. But many times that wasn't close enough for him! Then he would bark and bark and bark. This time even our little girl drew the line. She ran to the big sliding door, pulled it open with all her might and yelled, "Be qui-wet!" then added very firmly, "and that's good enough."

That's exactly what we need to do with big scary problems. Sometimes problems scream at us just like that barking dog. They yell so loudly that it's hard to hear God's quiet but powerful voice telling us what's really going on, that all is well, that God is Love and that He is caring for us.

The light of the fire
May 24, 1999

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