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To Our Readers

FIND AN ACCOUNT from history of mankind's struggles for rights, and you're bound to find extraordinary examples of selflessness, courage, patience, inspiration, and conviction rising to the occasion.


I am grateful for the "Items of Interest" section.
items of interest

items of interest

Slightly Over A year ago, aggressive racist and anti-Semitic literature was distributed in several communities in the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania.

Your right to be free

If someone said you had a million dollars coming to you, would you accept it? What if you were told there were things of much greater value—perpetual health, happiness, and peace—that are yours? Read how to lay claim to all the good that's rightfully yours.

Cross grief off the calendar

Feel the joy of God's presence every day of the year.

The day a junco flew into the window

This family's care—and prayer—for an injured bird will bolster your trust in God.


Not like summer's falling stars—splendid, chancy,few and far—that's not whatGod's actions are.

Ready for the unexpected

An unplanned pregnancy took this busy wife and mother by surprise. But her preparation for the child brought blessings for her and her entire family.
your decisions
Involved in a long-term lesbian relationship, this author found herself struggling to feel close to God. Her prayer led her out of that relationship, and the choice she made brought peace—and spiritual growth.

The millennium: a time for daring

The advances of past ages may seem elementary today. But what of the progress of our own time? Do you see all the good at hand?

Woman's hour

This great cause is carrying us.

Going beyond placebos When childbirth becomes new birth
Testimony of Healing

Quick recovery from a fall

As I continued to pray silently, the symptoms of shock disappeared.

Testimony of Healing

When I entered this hostile work environment, I knew that I needed something upon which to lean.

Testimony of Healing
After lifting weights and working out on the other equipment in physical education class, I began to feel dizzy.
Testimony of Healing

Trust in God brings peace and healing

A great calmness came over me. The rash disappeared.

Testimony of Healing

The sole of that foot was no longer hard and rough but soft and smooth like the other.


During those few weeks, our whole house changed. Our lives became secure and stable.



Q How do you explain the various types of suffering in the world?

Mary Baker
to the cause
of freedom
grew out of a
different kind
of rights

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