Prayer restores health

As a working mom with four young children, I found myself challenged daily with the demands of family and career. One particular evening, as I was doing the dinner dishes, I found myself feeling miserable with all the evidences of flu. I dismissed the idea of not finishing this task, along with several more that needed to be completed before retiring, and endeavored to see the falsity of what I seemed to be experiencing. I reasoned that God is never sick, and so as God's spiritual image and likeness, I couldn't be sick either.

I then remembered a passage I had read in Science and Health that week and that came to my thought so clearly: "Man is not God, but like a ray of light which comes from the sun, man, the outcome of God, reflects God" (p. 250). I pictured the sun with its rays and individual man as a mirrored reflection. I could really see that nothing could separate me from God, Spirit, the source of my being. As I continued to ponder this analogy, I again accepted into my consciousness the utter impossibility that anything could obstruct the wellness that I reflected as God's likeness. With no more thought about it, I continued with my household responsibilities.

Overcoming fear of the flesh
January 25, 1999

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