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To Our Readers

The two eagles were directly overhead, wings spread, soaring.


At 3:30 a.
items of interest

items of interest

"That this nation was founded on transcendent values, which flow from a belief in a Supreme Being, seems beyond dispute," wrote federal judge James L.

The vision thing

Whether you need vision to make a dream come true or just to get through the day, there's a reliable source you can turn to for a practical, empowering spiritual perspective.
One day my grandson, while visiting me in my art studio, said, "This room is so different from the rest of the house.

Sin is not a pretty picture

Ever wonder how you'd capture the beauty of repentance and reformation on a canvas? This author found an answer in her daughter's smiling face.
Unmasking stereotypes

Dealing with rude behavior—Jesus' way

Peacemaking takes more than a willingness to bite one's tongue.

In unity

Putting selfish "me" awayAnd humbly asking as I pray,"Let me be one with God today"—Opens blinded eyes to seeAll one with God in unity.

"IMMORTAL memory"

You always have access to God's ideas. As a matter of fact, you can't escape them.
As this author learned, you needn't be able to see your destination before beginning your voyage. God will guide you each step of the way.
your decisions
YOUR DECISIONS A new feature debuts in this slot this week: articles we hope will help readers, when faced with major decisions, turn to God and make the right choices. The first concerns facing suicide and choosing life.

Seeking and finding: a way of Life

One has to wonder not what Lynne Bundesen has done, but whether there's anything she hasn't experienced as an author, columnist, photographer, war reporter, and cyberspace editor.
Testimony of Healing

This experience showed me how exact this Science is, giving the specific truth to answer every need.

Testimony of Healing

Grateful for God's guidance

Within a month we had sold our house and moved near a school that offered a degree in my field of interest.

Testimony of Healing

Two days later, the doctor confirmed that the condition was completely corrected.

Testimony of Healing

Communing with God ends migraines

I have never since suffered from migraine.

Testimony of Healing

Prayer restores health

Later that evening I was suddenly aware that I was feeling much better.


Now, I heard God's assurance that He was not afraid, and that He didn't see any disease.

Do you need help?

Wildlife and Love's demands

"Dominion" over the earth doesn't mean disregarding the needs of other creatures.

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