Child healed of multiple stings

There have been many healings in our family that have come because we have listened for a thought of comfort from God—and I am grateful for that. The first one I remember was a few years ago. My mom, sister, and I were in Brazil with some friends. We were on a hill on our way to a small cabin. A man was showing us a tiny little bed in the cabin. We didn't know it, but there were some very poisonous bees up on the ceiling—a whole nest of them. None of us saw the nest until the bees started coming out.

My friend Stacy and my sister Zoe got out of the room before I did. I tripped over something, and that scared the bees. They came down, stringing me all over my head and neck. My mom got me away and started pulling the stingers out. While she was doing this, she told me that God's arms of power and care were tight around me that exact moment (and all the time). She reminded me that He couldn't make any poison or anything that could harm me. She said she knew that God was around me so tightly that nothing else could touch me. That is what I really remember. I stopped crying and got quiet. I knew that God didn't make any mistakes.

Testimony of Healing
Severe pain conquered
May 25, 1998

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