Who—me, cynical?

A FRIEND came to mind recently in a sobering way. I realized that in all the time I've known him, I've never heard him make a single cynical or sarcastic remark about anything or anyone. It was a sobering thought because of the contrast with my own verbal ways. Who, I suppose I reasoned, isn't cynical about something—about liberal or conservative ideologues, politics in general, corporate greed, environmental extremism, or some other part of life?

But here was this friend's example. Never trash-talks opponents, even when it seems justifiable. A lively wit but never used to cut others. A true gentility and civility. Then it dawned on me. This friend is always busy looking for ways to love and to comfort those who are hurting. He's too busy seeking out and relishing the actual spiritual nature of people and things to engage in tearing them down.

Resisting government corruption
May 26, 1997

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