Exchanging lies for the truth

Let's say we've misjudged something. Is it possible to correct that false impression? Yes, of course! Once the facts of the situation are firmly established in thought, we naturally exchange a mistaken impression for what's true. In a similar way, sickness can be thought of as a mistaken impression, a false belief, because it's no part of God's perfect creation. And if we completely understand that the cause of disease is only a misconception, or error of thought, and is never the truth of our being, we will naturally exchange that misconception for the true understanding of man. And as a result, we'll find healing. Science and Health states it this way: "Correct material belief by spiritual understanding, and Spirit will form you anew" (p. 425).

When our son, as a youngster, was experiencing a severe cold, I called a Christian Science practitioner to help us by praying for healing. After going to bed, our son was resting peacefully, but I was wakened later in the night by his coughing. I went to his bedside and found him very agitated and fearful. Realizing the need to calm his fear, I turned to the Christian Science Hymnal and began reading aloud to him. Many comforting ideas from these hymns came to us, especially from No. 144, which says,

Woman—strong in God's manhood
May 26, 1997

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