Being just me

Did you know that each kind of bird has its own song? A robin sings a robin song, a cardinal sings a cardinal song, and a bluebird sings a bluebird song. Each song is different. If you know the different songs, you don't have to see the bird to know what kind of bird it is. You can tell just by hearing his song. There is a "trick" bird, though—the mockingbird. This bird learns many different sounds and birdsongs and combines them all!

You are made to have your own "song." By that I mean there's just one you. No one else, not even a twin or a very close brother or sister, could ever be you. You were made by God to be special—to have special talents and to love in your own special way. No one can ever take your place. No one can be you, and you can never be anyone else. God needs you to be your own special self! And He gives you all you need to do that perfectly well.

The inward voice that's always there
May 19, 1997

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