The vital force of spirituality

There is something very appealing about the spirituality so vividly exemplified in the life of Christ Jesus. The thirsty heart, when it contemplates the patience, purity, and unselfed love Jesus expressed, is enlivened with new hope and vigor, much as a drooping plant is affected by a much-needed drink of water. It responds this way because, as Mary Baker Eddy says in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, "The poor suffering heart needs its rightful nutriment, such as peace, patience in tribulation, and a priceless sense of the dear Father's loving-kindness" (pp. 365–366). The vital force of true spirituality supplies this nutriment.

True spirituality is not corporeal. It is not materially inherited or some form of ethereal matter descending into a mortal personality. Neither does it have anything to do with electrical forces or any other material phenomena. Spirituality does not operate in and through a material body. Nor is it merely a fondness for contemplating spiritual ideas. Spirituality, as Jesus proved, is man's incorporeal, immortal substance and individuality as the offspring of God, infinite Spirit—independent of matter and unaffected by it. Spirituality triumphs over human frailty and sinfulness. When acknowledged and yielded to as one's true being, it enables an individual to recognize and overcome his human faults, put the welfare of others above his own, hold fast to the highest right in the face of the most blatant wrong, find and inspire goodness and purity in others, forgive where forgiveness is called for, relieve suffering, and heal disease—all through the power of divine Spirit.

Testimony of Healing
When my first husband passed on suddenly, leaving me with...
November 14, 1994

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