The image of an anthropomorphic God, who would punish...

The image of an anthropomorphic God, who would punish me eternally for the sins of this world, set me seeking a religion whose followers lived during the week what they had professed to believe in church. A friend then introduced me to Christian Science when I moved next door to her forty years ago. Instinctively I knew I had found the truth I had been searching for, but I didn't accept it wholeheartedly. I am grateful for my friend's patience that first year.

How I argued about the statement that in Truth there is no matter! The concept was utterly incomprehensible to me because I could see matter everywhere. Then I came across the passage in Rudimental Divine Science by Mary Baker Eddy, answering the question "The sweet sounds and glories of earth and sky, assuming manifold forms and colors,—are they not tangible and material?" The author's response is, "As Mind they are real, but not as matter" (p. 6). That was the clarification I needed. From then on I began to grow spiritually. I still had problems with some statements in Science and Health, notably in the chapter entitled "Physiology." My friend suggested I leave that chapter for a time, and read other chapters first. I took her advice. Two years later I went back to that chapter ... for the life of me, I couldn't find a single thing I did not agree with!

July 12, 1993

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