"Taking Church wherever I go"

"I see more that one cannot really separate Church from life, or Church from the job one does or from the family, that Church is really a state of being within my own consciousness. I'm quite active in the high school where our son is going. I had a lot of things I didn't like too much. Suddenly it occurred to me that I had to bring Church there too, not just doing it in my church community, but to take Church with me everywhere I go, and to express those qualities like care, selflessness, love for others. The meaning of Church became much broader for me. It's a way of life. It's not dependent on a building or on a community. It's wherever we go."

—from a member of The Mother Church

If you're interested in learning more about membership in The Mother Church, feel free to write or call:
Clerk, The First Church of Christ, Scientist
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Telephone (800) 288-7155 (U.S. and Canada) (617) 450-2000. Collect (reverse charge) calls are accepted.

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July 12, 1993

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