Finding opportunities to do good

We're supposed to do good, to help others. We know that.

Yet many of us probably share the same private, unwanted reluctance to actually doing something about it, to finding and seizing an opportunity to offer help to someone. Even the intellectual acknowledgment that doing good is "right," that it's a Bible-based admonition, or that it's our "duty," isn't always enough to get us past our fears or indifference, and thus to get us to act or to sustain our efforts to help others. It takes something more.

That "something more" must be powerful enough to inspire us, to reverse indifference and self-centeredness, to remove obstacles, and to move us. It must be constant and compelling. It must be genuine love—God-derived, not self-originated. The love that comes from God, divine Love, is powerful and limitless. Expressing this infinite love is what enlarges our capacity to do good beyond what the limited, human mind says is justified or possible.

Testimony of Healing
I Had such a wonderful healing several years ago, I feel I...
April 12, 1993

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