Business and grace

In business it's surely hard to succeed when the competition has its employees off the books or wins contracts because of an agreed-upon kickback rather than merit. A salesman complained the other day that his firm had developed some good, competitively priced products, but because of the personal relationship a competing firm had established, a leading retailer wouldn't even look at his line. In another instance a businesswoman was upset because she could see that others in her company were setting her up to take the blame if a project failed.

What do we conclude? Business is a dirty word? It's the arena where goodness is weakness? Christians get out? No way! For one thing, when one looks at the entire business universe, there is much that is noble, unselfish, progressive, and good. This doesn't get portrayed in the movies, but business is often a vehicle of grace, meeting the needs of mankind. And anyone engaged in business can participate in the demonstration of God's grace each day.

So, what if we find ourselves confronting the unsavory side of business? Have you ever considered that you may be needed there? That you are there for a reason? Not because you have an MBA, or twenty years' experience; not because you may be the best waiter, plumber, word processor, manager, or executive on the block. But because you have begun to see something of the power of Christ, Truth, in your own life and are able to demonstrate this further on the job.

Finding opportunities to do good
April 12, 1993

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