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"Every four days enough people to populate a new Detroit or Dallas are added to the earth," Reported The Christian Science Monitor last year.

Earth's billions and God's care

Our response to threats to humanity's well-being is immeasurably strengthened by prayer.

A place for each of us

Aren't "tough times" exactly the right time to place greater trust in God?

Mogadishu in Toronto

Eyes wildhe rushes mehis arms threshingabove his head.

Home: a spiritual concept

Everyone wants a safe, secure home. But where do we find it?

A timely letter

Dear Friends,

Democracy—in our family?

Individual rights can be practiced in a family.

Valuing our intellect

Bea Roegge: This is the second portion of our program on valuing our intellect.
When people believe in "good luck," aren't they necessarily compelled to accept its opposite?

Gentleness and power

There are all kinds of ways to make a statement in today's world, to accomplish something important. But have you ever thought of trying gentleness?

Thinking about God

Clear thinking begins with a willingness to think deeply and rightly about God.
Testimony of Healing
Even though I have been a student of Christian Science for only three years, this testimony is still overdue.
Testimony of Healing
I would like very much to testify of a healing I had in 1991.
Testimony of Healing

One of the greatest privileges in life is that of expressing...

One of the greatest privileges in life is that of expressing gratitude, and I rejoice in the opportunity to avail myself of this privilege.
Testimony of Healing
One very special proof to me of the healing power of prayer took place several years ago while I was attending a business conference in San Francisco.

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