Healing for our world

The power of our prayers and the quality of our thoughts can do more than we might suppose to help the world.

Considering the vastness of the earth's population, it might be easy to conclude that as individuals we can contribute little to the world's progress. Most major political decisions, for example, if not made far away from us geographically, may seem very far removed from our daily lives. And even if we live and vote in a democratic country and are perhaps active in a political party or in a charitable organization or service club, our capacity to affect the world positively may seem limited.

But Christian Science helps us see that each of us can call upon the infinite power of God, good, through prayer. Aligning our thought with this power, we can contribute in a practical way to the well-being of our fellow citizens. Everyone may not attend international conferences, sit in parliaments or congresses, or make multibillion-dollar decisions. Yet each individual, by virtue of man's relationship to his creator, has access to the all-power of God and so can have a direct impact on global progress.

Drifting along with popular thought?
March 9, 1992

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