Under the government of God

The revolution that brings real freedom comes only through an understanding of God.

The whole world has been watching the ice of totalitarian regimes begin to break. Inhabitants of Eastern Europe have keenly felt the loosening of past bonds and witnessed almost miraculous changes. Democratic reforms that many assumed would take generations to achieve have come about with lightning speed. My own country, Czechoslovakia, experienced such change practically overnight, as if by the sweep of a magic wand. It was a beautiful experience.

But the fact is that the paradise everybody expected afterward has not come. The revolutionary unity that so many envisioned for our nation is today only a dream, and in many respects its opposite appears to be different idea on how to proceed. Meanwhile crime is growing and prices go higher and higher.

Even in such circumstances, however, Christian Scientists are convinced that it's possible to make a real difference in this world by following the teachings and example of Christ Jesus. What Jesus showed people was the practical possibility—and necessity—of living under the government of God, Spirit, regardless of one's economic and political surroundings. In John we read that Jesus said distinctly, "My kingdom is not of this world." Yet the fact that he healed and fed multitudes strongly illustrates the potency of the kingdom of heaven to govern and care for man.

We can love spiritual selfhood
June 24, 1991

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