The glow of reflected light

Many people have a hard time seeing their relationship to God clearly. Christ, Truth, brings it to light.

While reviewing for a science quiz, I asked my sixth-grade class to state some differences between a star and a planet. One student replied that a star shines by its own light, while a planet shines by reflected light.

The words reflected light caught my attention. I remembered a statement that Mrs. Eddy made in a letter to a church. The letter is contained in her Miscellaneous Writings. In it she writes, "Let your light reflect Light." It was a message that once had helped me to remember that while I, as God's image and likeness, reflected all the light or goodness of God, it is still God alone who is the source of this light. Thus, spiritual light would never fail me nor grow dim, for this light did not depend upon me for its life, but rather depended upon God, divine Love, to be eternally bright.

Genuine equality
May 6, 1991

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