Selfless love, unity, and immunity

Immunity from evil. Is such a thing possible? And, if so, what must we do?

"To day shalt thou be with me in paradise." Thought-provoking words of Scripture, these, and not often quoted. But when they came to mind one day, and I discovered they were the words Jesus had spoken on the cross to one of the thieves crucified with him (even at that amazing moment the Master was thinking of someone other than himself!), they were suddenly on fire with a message of selfless love.

However serious a personal crisis, the words seemed to say, the way to freedom is to forget the mortal view of oneself and to remember that the saving Principle in whose hand we would place our own is immortal Love, God, whose care is bestowed equally on all. Divine Love's infinite lessons, therefore, include the fact that our spiritual progress is no private triumph but an illustration of everyone's true nature as the spiritual expression of God.

Patient waiting
August 27, 1990

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