When our best efforts don't get us anywhere

If life seems to be vague, indefinite, meaningless, there is a way out. The Science of Christ shows us how to break free of mental prisons.

It is a prison. Everything is white—clothes, floors, chairs—and everything is brightly lighted. Things melt into blank space. There is nothing to distinguish one place from another and no way to tell time. There are no visible boundaries or definitions. Inmates are held in this prison by being lost, unable to describe a location or specify a time.

This is a prison that I remember from the science fiction movie THX 1138, and it has intrigued me for years—mostly because it's not unfamiliar as a mental landscape. Chronic sickness or pain, boredom, a career on a plateau—sometimes in situations like these, it's hard to tell how to get out. We want to work, to trust, to pray, but see no visible mistake to eliminate, no specific sin to correct, no obvious steps to take. We seem to be lost in spite of worthy efforts.

Coming in the October 22, Sentinel:
October 15, 1990

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