Renewing our energy

The picture in the magazine advertisement shows a businessman obviously exhausted after a hard day. He's spread out in his living room, with the family dog hopelessly barking for attention at his feet. Below the picture, the ad copy suggests that for "a lot of people the energy crisis has nothing to do with oil embargoes and solar power." Instead, the ad claims, the problem is "a personal energy shortage."

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be an uncommon occurrence in modern life for people to come to the end of a day and simply feel there's not much left of them. The toll of the day's activity or anxiety would too frequently try to deplete one's natural vitality and joy. And the drain on energy seems to cut across all walks of life—construction worker, schoolteacher, homemaker, salesperson, attorney, mechanic. I'm sure you could add almost any occupation to the list.

Testimony of Healing
I Was raised as a Christian Scientist, but when I reached my...
August 7, 1989

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