I vividly recall as a small child seeing my mother with...

I vividly recall as a small child seeing my mother with tears running down her cheeks because she was in great pain. Her physician had diagnosed the condition as fistula. He told her that surgery would give her temporary relief, but in all probability the condition would eventually return. In view of the uncertainty of the results she chose not to go forward with the operation.

Shortly thereafter her sister, knowing of Mother's suffering, brought her the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy. She explained that a friend had handed her the book with the promise "If you read this, it will heal you." Mother had never heard of Christian Science, but the hope of healing prompted her to begin reading. She became so engrossed in the book, she lost all track of time. But by that evening she realized that for the first time in years she was free from pain.

Testimony of Healing
One afternoon my young son came home from school with a...
August 7, 1989

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