Love's irresistible dawning

What can we do when world events vividly show us man's inhumanity to man?

"Love now is dawning over every nation," Christian Science Hymnal, No. 179. I was singing in church less than an hour after seeing, on television, news footage of three soldiers in the Middle East pounding on two defenseless captives with brick-sized rocks. So troubled was I by this graphic picture of man's inhumanity to man—which I knew wasn't all one-sided in that particular conflict—that to see Love, God, doing any dawning in that nation seemed impossible.

The thought came, "If only I hadn't seen those pictures." But I knew better. I knew that being a Christian means making a commitment to help lessen evil in the world. And that far from being an ivory tower in which to hide from seeing human suffering, a study of the Science of Christ requires and impels us to pray for a consciousness pure and spiritual enough to see through the material picture, no matter how alarming it appears. Our task is, through prayer, to express in our lives more of the spiritual fact of God's perfect control of His universe, which is also perfect and spiritual. The Christly conviction of Love's omnipotence heals.

January 30, 1989

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