Awakening to health

Are we seeking health and happiness within a material sense of existence, or can we awake to the higher reality of life in God, Spirit?

My sisters and I were in a terrible predicament. Our four horses, which should have been safely installed behind the closed gate of their pasture, were instead trotting through busy city streets. We ran to catch them, splitting up to head them off. Determined to enjoy their freedom, they dodged us and were soon out of sight—beyond our care in a dangerous, unpredictable environment. I felt overwhelmed. What was I to do?

Just then I opened my eyes to the growing light of morning. Still only half awake, I found myself lying in bed thinking about the "dream" me and what I could have done to catch the "dream" horses. Then I laughed as I realized how foolish an exercise this was. Our horses were safely in their pasture and had been all the time. I no longer needed to reason from within the confines of the nightmare. My waking up had completely negated not only the problem presented by the dream but the entire premise of the dream itself.

Love's ever-presence
July 25, 1988

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