In the early 1900s when my grandparents and other members...

In the early 1900s when my grandparents and other members of my family came to this country from Europe, they heard of Christian Science for the first time. Although they had been brought up in another religion, they accepted this teaching without reservations. During the ensuing years each of our family members has been able to demonstrate this Science in varying degrees.

When I was about seven years of age, I witnessed my first healing. I shared a bedroom with my mother, and just before retiring one night she showed me her legs on which there were two huge boils. At the time she knew about Christian Science practitioners, and she had called one that day for prayerful help. In the morning my mother was greatly excited and showed me her legs again. There was not a trace of the boils. They had just vanished.

My first healing occurred about two years later. A friend and I were playing barefoot in a large puddle, jumping from stone to stone. Suddenly my foot slipped and I felt a sharp pain. I ran into the house, sat on the floor, and looked at my foot. It was bleeding heavily from a deep wound.

Testimony of Healing
I've had the blessings of Christian Science healing all my life
December 26, 1988

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