The understanding that heals

It's just as true for an engineer designing a massive suspension bridge as it is for a carpenter hanging a door ... or an astronomer tracking the skies in search of a supernova ... or a farmer preparing a field for planting this year's crop. To accomplish any task successfully and efficiently, an understanding of the basic principle behind the endeavor is absolutely essential.

This is also true for anyone who yearns to practice metaphysical healing effectively. And in the case of metaphysical healing, the understanding that one needs to be cultivating is essentially a spiritual understanding.

The underlying motives for Christian healing—to comfort and uplift, to bring release from disease and pain, to come closer to God, to be free of sin, to glorify the Father—all point to something quite different from merely grasping a body of human knowledge with some sort of intellectual proficiency. Mary Baker Eddy makes this point clear at the very outset of her teachings in the Christian Science textbook. In the Preface to Science and Health she writes, "No intellectual proficiency is requisite in the learner, but sound morals are most desirable." Science and Health, p. x.

August 24, 1987

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