One day I started to move an engine hoist from my garage

One day I started to move an engine hoist from my garage. While I was pulling the hoist over a raised threshold, the A-frame of the hoist slipped off the hydraulic lift and fell on my hands. Two fingers of each hand were pinned between the steel arms of the A-frame and the bed of the hoist at the fulcrum. With both hands caught, I was unable to lift the frame until prayer led me to stretch far forward and thrust my head under a crossbar. Then, with great effort, I lifted the frame enough to extract my fingers.

The fingers were badly cut and bruised; one was almost severed. I walked to the house and managed to telephone my wife. She said she would pray for me, and, of course, I prayed, too. There was no further pain, then or later.

Previously I had read a passage in Miscellaneous Writings by Mrs. Eddy, which states (p. 355): "Less teaching and good healing is to-day the acme of 'well done;' a healing that is not guesswork,—chronic recovery ebbing and flowing,—but instantaneous cure. This absolute demonstration of Science must be revived." Thinking of this passage, I realized that physical healing is not so much a goal as it is a byproduct of understanding better the changelessness of God and His perfect idea, man. Therefore healing does not require a certain amount of time but is an outcome of spiritualization of thought.

May 11, 1987

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