Right pace for best progress

Life doesn't have to be a rush or a wait. There's no need to be out of step with unhurried progress.

In view of the increased pace of modern living, finding our own right pace, neither hurried nor plodding, is essential. We thereby make the best progress in all of our activities.

Physical speed is not the problem, but undue haste is. A modern illustration of such haste is seen in the mistiming sometimes called jumping the gun. Does this not betray a belief that right timing depends on chronological measurements and that we need somehow to get a head start? Such a tendency is quickly corrected by understanding that right timing really belongs to Mind—that is, to God—and not to brain or physicality at all. We can learn to "stand still," as we read in Job, "and consider the wondrous works of God." Job 37:14.

God's place for me
January 12, 1987

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