Healing today: proof of the resurrection

Some years ago I came across a photograph of the interior of an ancient rock-hewn sepulcher in Jerusalem, traditionally reputed to be the tomb from which Christ Jesus was resurrected. I was stunned. Up to this point I had accepted Jesus' resurrection with some incredulity, as if it lay more in the realm of legend than historical fact.

Perhaps my reaction was not surprising, since at that time I regarded myself as a nominal Christian rather than a practicing one. Accepting the Scriptural accounts of Jesus on trust, my small Christian faith rested upon a tenuous belief that "if the Bible says it's true, then I guess it must be true." But I knew this was a blind faith, for I failed to see just how or why Jesus' bodily resurrection could be fully accepted as a historical fact. And even though I realized that the historical authenticity of the pictured tomb might be in some doubt, for some indefinable reason I suddenly found myself fully acquiescing to Jesus' resurrection with a deep sense of awe and wonder.

Springing into life
March 3, 1986

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