In harmony with God

Unchanging good is not something beyond our reach. But to understand how far we can reach, we have to start with God.

When I was first learning how to tune pianos, my tuning master demonstrated a method that would guarantee the class an accurately pitched piano. To novices such as me, who did not possess perfect pitch, this method was challenging, because we were to start with one tuning fork—nothing more. But he assured us that if we were absolutely accurate with the pitch of the first string, we would proceed to tune the remaining two hundred-odd wires successfully.

As I thought about it, I could see an analogy to something I'd learned in the Christian Science Sunday School. I was taught to start with God—the one, supreme God—in all of my daily affairs, and working from this basis, I found that my experience was more harmonious. That included my schoolwork, relationships, and my health.

Healing the body: transplant or transform?
November 3, 1986

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