Heredity doesn't have to rule

How much of what we face in life do we try to trace back to the past, to our parents, to our ancestry? Isn't it time to look, instead, to our spiritual heritage?

It appears that heredity is growing more greedy these days. It used to be that heredity got credit primarily for such things as someone's gender or his or her height or the color of eyes or hair. Now more and more people are accepting the assumption that one's entire physical and psychological makeup is fundamentally locked into the gene structure. It's not only the outward physical traits but also intelligence, susceptibility to illness, quality of the teeth, emotional stability, and on and on.

It's something to consider seriously, this greedy theory of heredity. Are our individualities and well-being locked into it? And those of our children too?

Gratitude and healing
November 3, 1986

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