Breakfast with Ben

Sometimes on Sunday mornings while my dad practices the organ before church, my mom and I go to a special restaurant to have breakfast. We sit at a table where we can see the river. We talk about all sorts of things together: special bikes and baseball, or serious stuff like astronomy. Sometimes we even talk about things like God and healing.

One morning Mom told me about an interesting shape called an ellipse. She said that once, in France, a friend had taken her to see an outdoor arena that was the shape of an ellipse. It was built by the Romans around the time of Jesus. Mom stood near one end of the amphitheater, and her friend stood near the other. Even though they were far apart, they could hear each other clearly when they spoke in whispers. This seemed like magic, Mom said, but it really wasn't, because there was a law of physics behind it.

Divine decree
September 16, 1985

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