The Lord's Prayer: its instantaneous effect

In my apprenticeship days as a motor mechanic, a certain imported car was an unwelcome visitor to our workshop because the basis of its unusual adjustments was not understood. It was alien to our training. One day a man from that country came in. He inquired if I was willing to have the workings of the car explained. I eagerly accepted his offer, and in the end I was greatly benefited by what he taught me. Nevertheless, first I had to have a willingness to forsake most of my old notions and past training to make room for new ideas. And I had to do more than just learn the new ideas; I had to act them out. I had to prove them to be usable.

In a similar way the Science of Christianity cannot be superimposed on old theological modes of thought about God and man. For example, we cannot go on believing in a God who loves His creation and has created man in His own image, but who at the same time condemns man as a sinner.

Human or divine inheritance?
August 12, 1985

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