Why would anyone write an editorial called "Etc."? Because so much of human experience seems to fall into the "et cetera" category. There are, of course, those great topics of concern to all, like love for God and love for one's neighbor, healing, and immortal life. But then there is always et cetera! You know, all that small stuff, too minor to include in a detailed listing, the kind of thing you may not spend time praying about. Dictionaries define it as "and others [of a similar sort]" or "and the rest."

Generally, these are things we leave to work out as best they can, after we've put our effort into the major things. Or we may simply feel that not much can be done about them anyway. Perhaps they include some obligatory telephone conversations, certain dinners one has to attend, and minor inabilities or dislikes.

Thoughts that reflect light
June 24, 1985

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