Clouds with rain

Clouds without rain may add some charm or drama to a landscape, or display a spectacular sunset. But they do nothing for a land of drought. Spiritual truths—those majestic, immortal truths of infinite God and man in His likeness—lacking the "rain" of proof, may have a certain beauty for us but do little to meet the needs of humanity.

The actual demonstration of the utility of Truth, God, in Christian Science is an essential element of the teaching and of its institutional expression in the Church of Christ, Scientist. "If Christian Science lacked the proof of its goodness and utility, it would destroy itself; for it rests alone on demonstration," Mrs. Eddy points out. "Its genius is right thinking and right acting, physical and moral harmony; and the secret of its success lies in supplying the universal need of better health and better men." Miscellaneous Writings, p. 365.

June 24, 1985

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