God's man: never a square peg in a round hole

Have you ever felt like the proverbial "square peg in a round hole"? This was a common phrase when I was growing up. When someone couldn't seem to adapt to a certain situation, appeared unsuited to fulfill the demands of a job or social role, this was often the explanation. Some inherent lack in the person, it was thought, kept him from performing acceptably.

Still today many of us seem to be square pegs, which computers and surveys are constantly trying to sort and classify. Behavior and performance get categorized into psychological profiles and sexual stereotypes. Intelligence and abilities are related to physical heredity, environment, and education. Health is described by medical profiles and hereditary patterns. Supply or economic status is summarized in personal financial profiles and credit ratings. These reports often delineate lack and limitation.

Finding peace by overcoming sin
October 28, 1985

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