Meeting complaints from the body

Does it ever feel as if your body tries to speak back, to nag at you, to complain? Many people live with physical discomforts that seem to constantly clamor for attention. Such difficulties, although they may not be life-threatening or seriously debilitating, nonetheless need to be met and mastered with spiritual truth. For if the difficulties are left unchecked, one's incessant focusing on the body and its minor ailments would sap inspiration and impede spiritual progress.

The body's complaints would appear to be recurring suggestions of the physicality and frailty of one's being. This is why it's so important to heal what might seem even the most insignificant ailment. All true spiritual healing—healing through Christianly scientific prayer—demonstrates in some degree the reality of being. Spiritual healing demonstrates that God is omnipresent, the all-knowing Mind, divine Love; that man is God's spiritual reflection; and that in truth man's life manifests the strength and immortality of divine Life. Our real being expresses the permanent harmony of spiritual reflection, not the discord and inconsistency of mortal imperfection.

An act of kindness
June 4, 1984

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