Where our faith rests

Faith can take many forms. People sometimes put their faith in their jobs, their income, their education, their families and friends. In matters of health, they may rely on exercise regimens, vitamins, drugs, diets. But any of these may eventually fail to live up to expectations. Trust in anything less than God, who is all-powerful and omnipresent, is subject to the vagaries of changeable material existence. Jobs, income, friends, and so on, don't provide a sure and always dependable source for truly meeting one's needs.

It's important, then, to look closely at our lives and our thinking and to determine honestly where our faith rests. For the quality of human experience—the harmony, peace, well-being, value, usefulness, and progress of our lives—largely depends on where we place our faith.

Man: material mixture or compound idea?
November 12, 1984

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