In addition to the daily protection, guidance, and...

In addition to the daily protection, guidance, and healing that Christian Science has given me and my family through the years, there have been some outstanding healings, one of which I will relate in detail.

For many years I had been aware of a small growth on the back of my leg. I mistakenly ignored this condition because it had caused me no discomfort. However, about ten years ago it suddenly grew to an alarming size, then developed into an abscess and became painful and frightening.

At my request, a Christian Science practitioner prayed for me. And I spent almost every waking hour in study and prayer. At first my husband, who is not a student of Christian Science, urged me to have medical treatment. But I declined, and my absolute trust in God's all-powerful love won his cooperative support of my complete reliance on Christian Science. For about three weeks the condition seemed to grow more alarming each day. But despite the worsening physical symptoms, I felt a wonderful sense of peace and gratitude—even joy—such as I had never before experienced under adversity.

November 28, 1983

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