Primitive Christianity and our Church today

What was Christianity like nearly two thousand years ago? Many books have been written about the subject, archeologists have unearthed ancient artifacts, scholars have studied the history and culture. But still I've wondered how it actually felt to live in those days.

Certainly the era of Christ Jesus and his immediate followers was in many ways a revolutionary period. New ideas were being spread among the people—new ways of thinking about God, His love for man, individual salvation, the nature of true religion and worship. As prophesied in Scripture, the Messiah had indeed come. Jesus ministered to multitudes. Some must have surely caught the spark and begun new lives of devotion to God. But Jesus also met the resistance of Pharisees and of hardened religious traditions. He suffered misunderstanding, scorn, and disbelief. Then there came his crucifixion, followed by the unparalleled glory of resurrection and ascension.

The old... the new...
November 7, 1983

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