In January 1982 there was a lot of talk about the flu, and how...

In January 1982 there was a lot of talk about the flu, and how people were missing weeks from school because they were so sick. I thought it wouldn't happen to me, but I didn't realize that I needed to protect myself through prayer from believing this lie.

One Friday in January I felt ill. Because I had a wrestling match I went to high school, even though I wasn't feeling well. I wanted to wrestle so I just went on. I won the match. However, I was disappointed because I did not receive the "Wrestler of the Week" award, even though the coach told me I deserved it and that a mistake had been made.

On the following Monday I still felt ill. I tried to ignore the discomfort, but by the end of the day I felt awful. When I got home from school I asked for help in Christian Science from my parents. But on Tuesday I didn't feel any better. I knew that I shouldn't put off praying for myself any longer. I could clearly see that my ignoring the problem wouldn't make it go away. It was time I understood more of the truth of my real being as the child of God. I began to study the Bible Lesson, found in the Christian Science Quarterly, and to think about spiritual truths I had learned in the Christian Science Sunday School. Then on Wednesday my parents and I decided to call a Christian Science practitioner for help.

October 24, 1983

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