A stressful life? Put the accent on peace

Two taxicab drivers in a city can face similar trying circumstances, and yet each may end his day with opposite feelings. One may have become so frustrated and jittery because of the snarled traffic and thoughtless drivers that he returns home a menace to his family as well as himself. The other may see interesting sights as he waits, keep abreast of the news, make pleasant conversation with riders, and enjoy sharing some of the day's events with his family.

What's the difference? It would seem that one driver has a more constructive outlook than the other and knows that reacting to annoyances or stress accomplishes little. Yet while such a positive attitude under stressful conditions is helpful, it cannot guarantee genuine or lasting peace. Sometimes even the person who enjoys working under pressure finds the frustrations and complexities of daily life exceeding his limits of endurance. Clearly more than just a positive approach to life is needed.

Heart's ease
August 23, 1982

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