Mary Baker Eddy's discovery, Christian Science...

Mary Baker Eddy's discovery, Christian Science, has continued to regenerate my life ever since it was introduced to me in 1967. At that time I had what was diagnosed as a severely aggravated, pulled groin muscle. I had tried a variety of medical treatments but to no avail. One morning I attended Christian Science Sunday School at the invitation of a friend who'd had a recent healing I was aware of. Nothing particularly noteworthy happened during the first part of the class, except that I felt a calm and kindness that everyone there seemed to radiate.

Near the end of the class our teacher related a healing she'd had of an ear problem, then looked at me almost as if she could read my troubled thought. I immediately pulled my chair close to her and poured out my heart about the doubts, fears, and discomfort I had concerning my injury. To this day I can't tell you one word she said. What did come through, however, was like nothing I'd known before in my life. I was sure that all-powerful, all-loving God was right there at that moment, and that nothing else possibly could be. In other words, I was sure there was nothing to fear and I was all right.

After that, the final hymn was read, we stood up to sing, and I got up—completely healed! I was so in awe of God's incredible power that tears of gratitude filled my eyes. Not too long after that, I was telling the mother of the same friend about a chronically weak back I'd had and that I would sure like to be healed. She told me that Christian Science practitioners heal others through prayer. I've always been one to take people at their word. So, I simply went home, called a practitioner, told him what was wrong, and listened to what he said. When I hung up the phone I was completely healed. (I work heavy construction for a living; so, needless to say, the permanency of the healing has meant a lot.)

March 22, 1982

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