The distinctness of man

In our present society many individuals show a lack of distinctness, a lack of form, purpose, or definition in their lives. It's a problem for all ages. Young people may be seeking to realize form, purpose, character, fulfillment. Others often face the questions, "Am I 'making it'? Is it worth the effort? What am I really after?" Sometimes the question comes as a crisis of unfulfilled desires, and one is tempted to "cop out" and disappear—just run away. To others a lapse into oblivion through alcohol or drugs seems to be the way to escape responsibility. There's a definite mistaken philosophy observable here, and the answer is found in Christian Science.

The writer of the first chapter of Genesis described a state of things where "the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep." Gen. 1:2. This may seem the prospect of many lives uninstructed by Truth, unformed by divine Principle. If one believes that he's here simply by chance or biological happenstance, there's little hope for lasting fulfillment, little opportunity for intelligent development and direction. But if he understands that God, Spirit, is the creative Principle and that man is His image and likeness, the expression of infinite Mind—then his life will take form, his actions will have direction, and his work will show accomplishment.

Citizens of the world
March 22, 1982

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