It has been my privilege to depend absolutely on Christian Science...

It has been my privilege to depend absolutely on Christian Science for the healing of physical difficulties all my life, including the three years I spent in the armed services during the Second World War. It has never occurred to me to have medical treatment. This is because my home training taught me to turn to God for healing, direction, and protection. Three years after graduation from college, I took class instruction in this Science. The lessons learned in class and the yearly students' association meeting have been a continuing blessing.

Some time ago there was an incident that demanded I put into practice the Christianly scientific truths I had learned from birth. One day, when my wife and children were out of town, I decided to repair the roof on my mother's house. She was also out of town on a visit. On arriving at her home, I found that a large tree had fallen and penetrated the roof. After obtaining some roofing supplies, a ladder, and a rope, I proceeded to remove the tree. However, I unwisely used brute force in doing so, and also in carrying the extremely heavy roofing material up the ladder. After finishing the work, I was unable to walk properly. I went home and literally collapsed on the bed. There was intense pain in my back, and I also recognized other symptoms of a slipped disk. (In my employment I am responsible for the administration of my company's workers' compensation and employee group medical insurance. Because of this, I was quite familiar with the the symptoms of such a back injury.)

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September 28, 1981

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