No aging in God's kingdom

Can you imagine an aging process going on in God's kingdom, where we actually live as Spirit's immortal expression? This is exactly where we are and what we are! What would oppose our fuller demonstration of it? The suppositional mind called mortal—the exact opposite of the immortal consciousness God imparts—insists we accept its sense of life as stages of material growth and decline. But we can begin to part with this false sense as soon as we are willing to do so; as soon as we are willing to separate it from true consciousness and reject it as unreal.

"When I got over old age ..." I heard an older friend say. I thought I would never say that because I didn't think I would ever feel old. My mother had advised me to deal with old-age beliefs in my earlier years, but I put it off. What a mistake! So when evidence of aging appeared, I realized the work had to be done then.

Cherishing our friends
June 15, 1981

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