Choose the only real remedy

One cool, damp morning I was running the mile course at school with the team. Just as I was about to get a good finishing time, I had a sudden pain in my calf. The pain seemed very real, and I was about to stop but thought, "This can be healed." I kept running, knowing that I was in God's care and that there was no mortal mind to cause a bad effect on me. As the pain worsened, I started saying aloud, "No! This isn't true about me!" I remembered something Mrs. Eddy says in Science and Health: "... There is no pain in Truth, and no truth in pain; no nerve in Mind, and no mind in nerve; no matter in Mind, and no mind in matter; no matter in Life, and no life in matter; no matter in good, and no good in matter." Science and Health, p. 113. Instantly I was running freely and completed the course. ... However, these pains began to happen frequently. A friend of mine who is a physical education instructor said they were muscle cramps.

One day while I was swimming, the pain flared up again —only worse. I got out of the pool filled with fear. The pain was so bad I didn't even think about God or Christian Science! I just wanted the pain to go away; so I decided to try a material treatment. My physical education teacher friend told me to massage it very hard. But doing this only made the pain worse. I was helped to my room where I lay down, wishing the pain would go away.

I can read about God all by myself
May 25, 1981

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